Meet our Senior Partners

Hilary Percival
My aim is to use osteopathy to improve your muscular aches and strains, while also ensuring that your overall health improves. I have particular interest and passion in treating babies and children. I believe that if we can get a baby and child to reach their own physical health, this will help in all areas of their lives. We work on babies and children of all ages. Parents seek help and advice on colic, restless babies, brain damage, glue ear, dyspraxia, Downs syndrome and malocclusion. We liaise closely with midwives, health visitors and G.P.’s. If you are unsure whether osteopathy can help you and your family, please ring or e-mail me. I also offer free baby checks (not currently available during Covid) for up to six months after your child has been born. This service is to find out if there is anything that osteopathy can assist you with. It doesn’t include any treatment but is there so you can find out about us and we can give you advice if necessary. We continue on to treat about 30% of babies first seen at a baby check, but see this as a vitally important service.
Robin Percival
Robin is our first in line structural osteopath, his expertise is in the treatment of acute and chronic musculo-skeletal problems. Robin can test each muscle in your body to find exactly which one is weak or malfunctioning, this can aid your full recovery. He is also able to use cranial techniques including treatment of babies and young children. His osteopathic approach is thorough, calm and sensitive to your own individual need. Robin came to osteopathy after being impressed by an osteopath who got his neck better very quickly. Since then there has been no going back. Robin enjoys the challenge of helping someone in acute pain, his patients are always given the utmost care and time. He gets on well with everyone, having a good rapport with both young and old.
Matt Stentiford
Matthew graduated from Leeds Metropolitan University in 2014. He has been treating and gaining experience in the Yorkshire and Lancashire areas in a number of different clinics following completion of his Masters degree. He has worked alongside massage therapists, chiropractors and personal trainers in order to help develop and hone his techniques and improve his knowledge base. Whilst studying to become an osteopath Matthew also gained qualifications in Cranial Osteopathy, Acupuncture and Kinesiology taping. He enjoys treating people of all ages and has experience dealing with a broad spectrum of musculoskeletal and health problems. He has a keen interest in the treatment of sporting injuries and rehabilitating those in pain to get back to doing the activities they enjoy as quickly and safely as possible.
Conrad Nix
Conrad’s interest in Acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) began over ten years ago as a recipient himself for muscular skeletal pain following a work-related injury. He made the decision to change his career and graduated with a B.Sc. (Hons) in Acupuncture from the University of Lincoln in 2017.
Conrad has been practising for 2 years since graduating and loves to enhance his treatments with Cupping, Gua Sha, Tuina and electro acupuncture where necessary and appropriate. With full professional accreditation from the British Acupuncture Council, no condition is too complex. Conrad particularly enjoys treating all muscular skeletal conditions but is equally happy to treat any condition from migraines, through gynaecological symptoms to mental and emotional conditions.
Conrad interest in the subtle energies of the human body has encourage the practice of Yoga, Tai Chi, and Reiki. Conrad is currently studying a specialist course in infertility, with this knowledge he can treat and advise patients to establish a regular cycle conducive to conception, in conjunction with IVF treatment and to maintain a healthy pregnancy.
Conrad has a dedication and compassion for his patients and a deep-seated conviction that acupuncture is an exceptional alternative therapy to bring about holistic change in the human body with no side effects.
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