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Back Pain and Children

Like adults, children can suffer from back pain as a result of a variety of lifestyle activities.  And like adults, there are number of things that parents and carers can do to prevent issues arising. If your child does complain of back pain, it is important to seek advice from qualified ... Read More
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Since the 1990s, office workers have been troubled by repetitive strain injuries as more and more people used computers and now they are also outside of work for gaming and internet activities. In the two thousand and teens the new scourge seems to be emerging as Tennis Elbow which may ... Read More
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Sinusitis is one of the most common manifestations of pain, inflammation and obstruction in the upper respiratory tract. Patients can present with any of the following symptoms: Nasal congestion Pain in the face or head A feeling of fullness around the eyes Occasional fever A foul taste or smell Post ... Read More
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