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New Product Available – MEDesign Backfriend

We have a new product now available at Kendal House Clinic, the MEDesign Backfriend, on sale at £62.00. For more information, give the team a call on 01200 424901.

Backache during and after sitting afflicts millions upon millions of people worldwide. Many of them are otherwise healthy individuals who just find sitting uncomfortable.

Much of the pain and discomfort is due to poor seat design but it also depends on what you are doing. Your angle of vision, the load in your hands and on your shoulders, the operation of levers and pedals in your car can all lead to postural stress on the back. For this reason, no single seat or chair design may be exactly right.

To prevent backache, a backrest should take the weight off your spine up to mid shoulder level; the curves of the low back support must fit you properly and prevent your pelvis from rolling back; and the inclination of the backrest must be adjustable.

Regrettably, none of the ordinary back supports already available solved all the problems.

The challenge was therefore to develop a support that:

  1. was portable and would go into any chair
  2. needs no fitting, nor any straps to keep it in place
  3. supports bother lumbar and thoracic regions of the spine
  4. gives full adjustment of backrest inclination
  5. allows the curve of the backrest above the seat base to be height adjustable.

All these requirements have been met in the MEDesign Backfriend

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