Acupuncture is an ancient and popular go to treatment which is commonly used by couples to aid natural conception, assist your IVF treatment or support you through pregnancy.

Acupuncture can play a role at all stages of your family planning journey. Whether you’re thinking of trying for a baby, actively trying … Read More

Do you have any spare, good quality toys for our younger patients to play with here at the clinic?
If so these would be very welcome.
Thank you.

Baby Handling Course
To enhance your child’s development

Classes small in number, led by Hilary Percival D.O, FSCCO, POD, Osteopath with 30 years experience working with babies and children.

Contact Kendal House Clinic for dates and more information:
24 Chatburn Road, Clitheroe BB7 2AP
Tel: 01200 424901

Our osteopath Matt recently attended a Joanne Elphinston Movement Systems course. Read what he has to say here –

I recently attended a fantastic Joanne Elphinston Movement Systems (JEMS) course which was a great experience and really insightful.

It is designed for assessing and improving a person’s movement and performance for everyone … Read More

Robin recently attended the annual Perrin Conference in Manchester for osteopathic treatment of Myalgic Encephalitis.

Robin is our practitioner with the specialist knowledge in this treatment.

For more information, please call us on 01200 424901.

Robin and Hilary Percival were awarded their qualifications in Osteopathy 30 years ago, in 1988 by Princess Anne.
In 1989 they set up their joint practice at 6 Church Brow in Clitheroe. The hall was the waiting area and the front room the practice. Initially they worked at other clinics in … Read More

Drew Ewing, our podiatrist, will now be working Mondays and Tuesdays from the 4th June.

To book an appointment please see our reception staff or call us on 01200 424901.

Like adults, children can suffer from back pain as a result of a variety of lifestyle activities.  And like adults, there are number of things that parents and carers can do to prevent issues arising.
If your child does complain of back pain, it is important to seek advice from qualified … Read More

Hilary Percival, a senior partner at Kendal House Clinics, was recently invited to the Russian Academy of Osteopathic Medicine in St. Petersburgh, Russia.

She was invited to teach paediatric osteopathy to range of undergraduates and qualified medical practitioners at the prestigious academy due to her extensive knowledge and experience of the … Read More

Since the 1990s, office workers have been troubled by repetitive strain injuries as more and more people used computers and now they are also outside of work for gaming and internet activities. In the two thousand and teens the new scourge seems to be emerging as Tennis Elbow which may … Read More